Definition of Tradition

Definition of Tradition, Kyoto Prewedding

The getting together of a male and female in marriage is considered to be a sacred bond. With this aspect in common, each culture has its own customs and traditions to do with marriage. The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of a marriage which speaks a lot about the culture of the region. The Chinese wedding dress with its uniqueness is a prominent symbol of the Chinese culture.
Kyoto, same with the tradition and historical birthplace in Japan, which is a unique, exotic, cultural, romantic in the ancient capital. The idea from Icy who has mixed up a different traditional get-together. The atmosphere of it does seem pretty match up with the scene to be.


Alister Kou


Icy & Tai


Jenny@Alisalis Destination


Jenny@Alisalis Destination


Shirly@Alisalis Destination


Kyoto, Japan

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